Life, as it is being told

June 18, 2011

Went back to my oldies home yesterday. I like it there, slow-moving, nothing much changed about the town ever since I knew the place 16 years ago. My grandpa's old house site was being replaced with a building of a new, museum-like mosque. Would love to go there later once the construction finished. But deep-inside, I held this long, unforgiving revenge to those who took the land from us, as all my memories were felt to be erased slowly. Luckily, they (my grandma and grandpa) were still alive to help me recreate and replenish the memories.

My auntie has just moved to a new house she rented. Bad things happened to her in these recent years. She, as I know her, inherited this high survival skill from her parents. She managed to go through her life living with this Monster (I would call him that), and finally she was able to release herself from the cage he built this whole time. Now, she was happily starting her new life, with her understanding kids. I'm so proud of her. But of course she would not be able to do this without Allah's guidances and wills. Here goes the story:

"I have tried finding a nice, cheap house for us to rent. But failure always there to hinder my way. I've tried and tried, but I still have to go back to the Dungeon. Life was so hard when I have to hold the responsibility by which it should be held by my husband. I gathered my courage, that one day, I will free myself. Recently, things happening around me opened my eyes, and my confidence to find freedom boosted amazingly. But still, money matters the most. I kept on praying to Allah, so that I would not going to lose my track from the right path, and that my patience will always be there with me. So one day, I dreamed about this house, near to a kindergarten I taught everyday. I felt weird at first, but I kept on dreaming about the same dream on and on and on, and it went until four days of me dreaming the same dream. Curious, I tried finding this house, whether it did exist in the real life. I went and asked the villagers, whether there was any direction that could led me to the house (the physical of the house was clearly being described in my dreams). And voila, my search led me to the house, exactly the same in my dreams! The owner of the house was an old lady, who happened to be a kind person. She refused to give anyone to rent her house for the person who asked about it before me. However, with Allah's will, she was so happy to rent it to me, with a rent of RM100 per month (plus water and electricity bills). Alhamdulillah, may this became a good start in my life".

I almost wet my cheeks on hearing this miracle. Praise Allah for His Greatness. People said this world is cruel, but the truth is, it isn't, as long as you have a strong faith to Allah S.W.T., the Most Gracious, Most Merciful. May Allah blesses our souls.

"Have you thanked Allah today?"

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