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March 14, 2012

Does this autopost working? krik krik

I always love music. Of course, who doesn't? Then, what kind of music do you like listening to? R&B? Hip hop? Baroque? Java jive? krik krik.

For me, I do enjoy listening to any music as long as it is not too loud, not too (!!) offensive, and brings joy to the heart. By these means, I can say I like listening to the radio rather than the playlist, because the songs are filtered to suit Malaysian audiences; you can listen to random music; and you are able to decide whether you like to listen to them or not, then if you don't like one of them, you can simply switch the channel. In fact, you can discover new songs to be put in your playlist. And what is wrong with the playlist? The problem with my playlist (Winamp or AIMP) is that it does play songs in the shuffle mode, but it follows the same shuffle route every day contributing to dissatisfaction. Weird, but that's the truth *if you know how to repair this, do let me know :D

So, let's narrow down our scope to listening to music from the radio. Since I myself don't own a radio, or a Hi-Fi, or a boombox, I choose to listen to online radio. There are so many online radio stations that you can listen to, whether international radio stations or the local one. Examples of local radio stations you can listen to is Mix FM,, Fly FM, and LiteFM. I extremely love listening to LiteFM because the songs are from original singers, it is relaxing, and you will never know what kind of surprises (songs) you will listen to. It's quirky and addictive. Try listening to it in the middle of the night (preferred whenever you do your assignment) and you will feel calm as if you are wandering on the Milky Sky. I would listen to other local radio stations as well, when the songs aired in LiteFM are none of my interest.

And of course, when listening to songs, wherever they are from, don't neglect whatever responsibilities you hold in your life. Quoting from Ustaz Azhar Idrus:

Jangan sampai jadi najis

True indeed.

So what do you love listening to? :)

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  1. urghh hate radio.
    cuz 1st. i think they only have 20 songs on their playlist because they play the same thing over and over again. >_<

    2. advertisements!aaaaaa....

  2. but if u ask me what i love listening to,hmm...
    michael buble,
    brian littrel and jazz. weee~

  3. Mr. Clive: Yup most of them did that. But I think LiteFM is quite good because the only advert they will put especially in the middle of the night is Public Service Announcement (PSA). So that won't bother the listeners that much. Hihi.

    Oh I love Michael Buble too! & also Josh Groban & Enya. But of course Malaysia radio stations won't play Enya. Huhu.


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