When will this ends?

March 14, 2012

Bear with me please. I have to do this.

I must say, this is the busiest semester I've ever had so far. In fact, of all 5 working days in a week, the only day that I can relax a bit is on Thursday (because that day the class is off, and on Friday and Saturday of course can relax la kan hehe). It turns out this week that the class is on? Oh come on, give me a break please. Not just that, we (9 of us plus seniors) have to do a proposal presentation and to submit the paperwork on that day itself. Ok fine la, everyone else got assignment what (especially medic students probably). However, what concerns me is that, a person should not do the class on a day other than his/her accumulated day, and if he/she wants to so badly, he/she should have cancelled the normal class. You can't simply kacau some other people's time and utilise it for your own convenience. What about those people who have to settle their own issues, planned for weeks to settle those, and only to find out that they have to postpone their activities in the very end? Crabby feeling, ay?

This happened for several times and I can't take it anymore. You got us involved in a pain-staking project (which I doubt the importance of it to you), a thousand times of amendments to be made, got rejected here and there, and everything else. Sire, y u no pity us? :/

Ok then give us higher marks to kill your guilt. Deal?

p/s: I was beyond glad that one of my classmates pointed out about the excessive credit hour of the subject. Hehe. Way to go dude :D

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