Sorry for the hiatus

March 06, 2012

Ah sorry for the long absence. I'm extremely hooked up with a lot of things to be settled this semester, especially handling the internship matter (this semester I'll be undergoing the practical, for approximately 3 months #lovehatefeeling). I did applied to certain organisations, unfortunately, none has replied back yet. Insya Allah, when the time comes, I'm sure one of them would be diligent enough to have a look at my application letter/resume hehe. 

Oh ya, merely telling, I am taking 5 subjects this semester, which are Multimedia English, Strategic Communication Planning, Event Management & Planning (with the seniors), Discourse & Profession, as well as Public Relations & Media Writing. Tiring it is (seriously tiring!), and now that we are entering the fifth week, tons of assignments and quizzes begin to flood our way. The stress level is getting high, and everybody is expected to start the struggle gear, including me. Just wish me a sea of luck for that :)

Madam Azizah gave us this. I guess she could perfectly tell how boring we were upon listening to her lecture for 3 hours hahaha

Till then, have a happy Tuesday everyone :D

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