The RM200 Voucher

February 05, 2012

I'm so thrilled upon receiving the RM200 voucher from the faculty staff. I mean, really, how excited it feels when someone gives you something very worthy, even though they are pieces of papers? Never in my life I have ever experienced this. Thank you Allah for this :) 

It's freakin' RM200 :O!

At first I was like, "Umm, another boring thing, another useless occurrence" when I heard somewhere that our government is giving out IPTA students the voucher for us to buy books. I had this thought in my mind because I had long left the reading habit #anotherweakness. Then, what is the point of giving the voucher to someone like me? And VOUCHER some more? Cash please!! *online shops drive me nuts*. I was rebellious and sceptical a lot about the voucher thing, without knowing the goodness it can bring to me.

However, once I received it I was like "Hey, this might be something valuable!". So right after receiving those vouchers, I've already spent RM50 of them at a little book fair held in the campus. Look at what I bought: 

Jodi Picoult Handle With Care, Dato' Hj. Md Daud Che' Ngah Tuhan..Terimalah Taubatku, one hole punch? #patontheback

And the good thing is, I'm slowly getting back to the reading habit, even though the consistency is still a problem. Hehe. Still, I have with me another RM150 of the voucher to be spent, on books! How awesome is that! I promise I'll use it wisely :)

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