Physics, to my dislike

January 23, 2013

It's just 7.45 in the morning and I'm already beat. Doing translation, especially on Physics subject does challenge my mind and body to the fullest. Nevermind the translation, the fact is that, I hate Physics since the first day I learned it (years ago, during secondary school). I still remember, there was once at Matriculation that I came to pass by a Physics Lab, and I saw the students doing their lab practical sitting on the floor, measuring (or investigating, I don't know) some sort of hanging thread from the lab table. That very moment, I grasped by breath, and I felt extremely thankful that I didn't have to ever learn the subject again (hey Physicians, I mean no harm ya know :B).

Add Maths, Chemistry, Physics, you name it!

It might be an interesting subject for some, but for me, I just can't reason myself well, until now, of why I should learn/know the relationship between the amount of water displaced and the pressure of water when the only thing I want to do in life is to enjoy a humble cup of coffee every single morning. Even if I knew/learned about it, it would probably just end up in the lowest level of my brain memory. 

That's why I'm terrible at Physics, and chose to learn Linguistics and Communications instead.

p/s: Is there any school subject that you dislike so much? Why?

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  1. i love the concepts in physics but not the never-end-concept-proved calculation. haha

    biology subject based for me...

  2. Ya I also can't stand the subject with sentences and numbers mixed together. They can't never get along well hehe. Hey I love Biology too. High five!


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