Be kind

April 16, 2013

I feel that there's a need for me to fill the blank page over here under two reasons: 1) I've been procrastinating long enough 2) I just feel like writing stuffs, and I'm bored doing my never-ending thesis (that makes it all three - God how I wish I could just fast-forward this troublesome segment of thesis-writing in my life). 

I often wonder how do people around me deal with their own life. My mum for instance, is she happy today? Or is she sad, and why is she so? How is she progressing with her life? What are her everyday difficulties? Up to her age now, did she achieved all her wants in her life? And there is my brother, does he feel satisfied with all the winnings in his online game? What will he do in the future? Is he mad at me today that I blabbered at him yesterday?

And there's me, writing this thing right here. As I typed this, I have these huge number of other thoughts in my mind. Oh look I have to finish the Chapter 2 of my thesis by the end of this week; darn I haven't even do my laundry!; hey why don't I listen to some music right now, I can multi-task what; will this thing I write here benefit anyone?; did I write it well enough?; can I graduate this year?; maybe I should drink more plain water?; and so many other stuffs. By the look of my physical, no one could ever tell what I'm thinking at the moment. People would just pass by me and think of me as another stranger, just a common pedestrian, someone of no importance that they meet in life. And I would look at them and think of them as the same.

The one thing that I often forgot is that, everyone is the same as me. We are human, we have our own struggles and hardships in life. Whoever the person is (e.g. a doctor, a sanitary worker, or even a homeless guy) there must be something difficult that he or she has to deal in life every day. This difficulty could be of anything. It could be that the person I met today at 7E has just experienced a death in his family, or the akak pisang goreng probably just had her finger cut by the knife, or the little kid I bumped into yesterday probably was an orphan.

These people and the hardships they deal in their life, if we never ask them, we'll never know their story. Thus the least thing we can do is to be nice to them. Don't be too quick to jump into judgement on them. And be sure to appreciate them as they are, think of them as the same with us. Just picture ourselves in their shoe, then are we strong enough to deal with their struggles? And their struggles, are they comparable with our own struggles? If not, are we not lucky to not to experience things they have to go through each day?

The Prophet Muhammad (s) said: "Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it beautifies it. Whenever it is taken from something, it leaves it tarnished".

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