Bad Guys Are Not Bad

May 25, 2011

I have finished watching Leverage (Season 3) just now. Today, the story was about a guy, a landscape man who had been cheated into buying a stolen SUV, and that he had been convicted of the car crime. However, he admitted that he bought the car legally, and he felt that he was cheated. Due to the issue, he was about to lose his job. Feeling confused and betrayed, he met Nate Ford, to ask for his leverage.

Personally for me, Leverage is a very interesting TV series. I have watched every single series of it. Leverage is a group of people who offer helps for people who has been cheated and fooled by the riches and the powerful individuals or companies. This group consists of Nate Ford (the Mastermind), Sophie (the Seducer), Hardison (the Hacker), Elliot (the Hitter), and Parker (the Thief). Before joining the Leverage group, they were all criminals. However, their life was getting better when they had joined this group. Their life changed from becoming a bad person, into a brand new, positive-minded person (but still they had to use their crime skills to help people, hehe). Within this group, they worked together hand-in-hand, under the plan of their Mastermind, to solve and to seek justice for the unfortunate people.


While watching this Leverage series, I was really attracted to this saying, "Bad guys are not bad guys. They just need the right people to be with". I got my goose bumps straight away after I heard this. Why? Because I'm a believer who believes that a person, no matter how bad he is, deserves a second chance to correct himself. In the same series that I have watched few minutes ago, there was a teen girl, named Jolie a.k.a. Shorty, who was part of the individuals among the bad car thieves. She hold the least important role among the bad guys, and that Parker, who used to be a car thief before during her teenage life, felt really sorry for her, and asked her to stay away from the bad people, when the police arrived tomorrow at the car garage to arrest the other car thieves. She asked, "Why? Are you a police?!". Parker replied, "No, I'm not. Just follow what I've said. They are not gonna save your ass tomorrow. They will leave you. They are not your family!". She (Shorty) was shocked and confused on hearing Parker's statement, and suddenly reported that to her boss, without knowing the consequences of her action. As for the result, her boss found out about the plan of the Leverage group, and he asked his coolies to catch the whole group.

The day after that, the Leverage group was in a real danger, and their true identity had been exposed wholly. In the middle of the suspense, intense moment, where they (Hardison, Parker, and Elliot) had no where to escape, while at the same time they had to help Sophie and Nate who had been caught, Shorty came with a stolen BMW SUV, to rescue the three of them. What I wanted to tell you guys here that, it was a good thing that Shorty finally got her conscience, by which she was able to distinguish what action was right, and what was wrong.

At the end of the story, the bad car forger and all the car thieves were busted by the police. The dignity of the poor landscape man had finally been restored, and he got a large sum of money to buy himself a new SUV, and to expand his landscaping business. Shorty got a job from the landscape man, as his assistant. The Leverage group succeeded again :).

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