It was worth trying

August 13, 2011

So it was yesterday when my family and I went for our first time (during this holy Ramadhan) break fasting session at a local restaurant. This was actually beyond our plan - we always loved to eat home-cooked meal rather than anything else in this world, but my brother recently got his first pay-check, and that he happily decided to belanja us all. We, of course, immediately agreed lah. Thus, we planned this and that, and ended up leaving the home quite late (supposedly we left at 5.30 p.m., but the IRT Deadliest Roads programme on History Channel was really addictive, it turned out that we left out home at about 6.20 p.m.). Unluckily, we had to change our whole plan, as we could not book the meals at the planned restaurant because it was quite far from our home, about 20-minutes journey, if I was not mistaken). We got caught up in a buzzing roads full of cars rushing towards the destination with the same intention - to break the fast.

Going back and forth on the road, we finally were able to settle ourselves down at a nice seafood restaurant. Then it was my favourite moment - ordering the food! Since we had discussed everything earlier, ordering the food did not take a long moment. I ordered myself a glass of hot Nesloo, and after that, I saw this pamphlet on the table, which said, "Three-layer tea", with a huge picture of it on it. The picture was like, "Order me, order me!" - you could imagine how delicious and appealing the picture looked like. I thought, maybe it was a good idea if I ordered this, since I was never in my whole life, drank it before. "Pakcik, pangkah Nesloo tu, saya nak tukar dengan yang ni!", I said, with my finger pointing at the picture, as the Pakcik was busy taking our order. He nodded. My brother quickly gave a what-the-hell-are-you-doing-don't-order-that! stare at me. I made a what-are-you-staring-about? expression at him. "Mintak yang panas ye Pakcik", I told the Pakcik. "Yang panas tak ada dik. Three-layer tea tu memang buat sejuk". Oh, my heart sank down to the earth, as I was never a big fan of cold-iced drinks. "Tak pe lah Pakcik, saya order Nesloo tu je lah", I told him frustratedly.

Tea consisting of three layers - tea, gula Melaka, and sweetened milk. Not exactly the same from what I drank.

So, we sat at a table waiting for the break fast time to come by. Foods arrived one-by-one, driving us crazy with their tempting smells. And I saw the same "Three-layer tea" pamphlet again, on our table. "Ma, orang nak sangat minum teh tu..", I told my mum who was sitting next to me. "Order lah kalau nak", she said. Yes! The exact answer I had been wanting to hear! Ignore that cannot-drink-cold-drink principle, I finally got the three-layer tea ordered, and within few minutes after that, the tea was being delivered safely to our table. 

"Caye lah cakap aku ni, benda tu tak sedap!", suddenly my brother told me. 

So, I understood his stare just now.

"Eleh, mung pernah rasa ke?". 

"Pernah sekali. Giler tak sedap, rasa dia pelik".

"Biarlah, aku nak rasa pelik tang mana. Tapi, orang cakap benda ni sedap".

"Tak tahu lah aku. Kena orang yang pandai buat kot, baru rasa dia sedap".
Then it was the break fasting moment, and the three-layer tea was the first thing I sipped. Yeah, it tasted quite weird, and I felt bad for ordering it, but, I chose to give it a second chance - come on, you couldn't definitely judge the taste from a few sips, in fact, I did not stir the entire gula Melaka yet. I pushed the three-layer tea aside, and finished my meal (I did not drink when I ate, it would make you fat, ya know). Back to the three-layer tea again, and this time, I stirred all the gula Melaka until the layer was no longer visible. I slurped it, and to my knowing, it tasted awesome! I urged the entire family to try it as well. Two of them (including my staring brother) did not like it; one of them liked it; I liked it (very much!); and my mum refused to drink it, because she said it looked weird. After a repeated efforts of forcing her, she finally gave up, and drank it, and she did not looked quite pleased with it. Hahaha. Well, everyone did have different taste buds didn't they? Regardless of what happened, I was glad that I took the courage to taste the three-layer tea. And after this, I will begin my search on the best three-layer tea in town. Bring it on!

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