August 12, 2011

Phewww, what a long 2-days hols.

I do admit, I miss being on-line so much, and being away from doing the thing I love the most is quite upsetting to me. What to say, I got a resolution to achieve. I'm actually in the process of restraining myself from anything electronic (TV and phone excluded), especially laptop, due to the fact that it is the main reason (which I believed) of me getting the bugging neck ache all these times.

In fact, you see, my room and the living area (where we got the TV system installed there) is just a few steps away from each other. So, while I am watching the TV, and then the ads come out, I tend to go straight to my room, checking whatever updates from the Internet (say FB, blogs, and such). I'm guessing that it's kinda rude to actually have to pause any conversation I'm having with either my brothers or my mum when we are waiting for the programme we watch to be continued after the ad. In fact, I rarely continue my watching when I'm deeply absorbed with whatever stuffs I did on the Net. In the end of the day, I tend to regret that.

I can't cope the way of living a life with myself sitting in front of the computer for almost 12-hours (approx.) a day, anymore (of course I would stop once a while to complete my chores). It's really tiring. I know it's wrong to do that, but once the addiction is in control of you, you are numb. And I hate myself for being so numb like that. I know, I need to fix that real soon before the new semester starts in next upcoming month. Action speaks louder than words. 

I need to break away from my own jail

Oh well, I guess I have to go now. My two hours of Internet surfing limit is almost depleting. Till then. Happy fasting everyone :)

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