Those words

June 04, 2012

Everyday I'm feeling increasingly nervous and fearful thinking about my internship. That's what happened to a person who has never been out too far from home. I have to face certain things, some things I don't even know what they are. They are inside my brain, pushing me to think hard, and throwing me into the worst of circumstance. Probably the media should be blamed. They have bombarded me with excessive information, giving me a lot of stigmas and unsureness. Or probably none to be blamed. Or it should have been me who need to be blamed for my weakness and low self-motivation :((

I talked to my mom about this. She said that I must always remember, Allah is there to guide and help me wherever I am. She said, "Go out, free yourself from your fears, learn to live by your own. If it's not now, one day you still have to do it no matter what". 

Ya Allah, I know You have made my mom saying these to me in order to comfort me, to give me the strength I needed. Thank you Allah :')

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  1. just take it slow....take one at a time and have a blast!


  2. Yup, I guess I'll try that, in a hard way. Hehe. Thanks Mr. Clive :)

  3. OMG!! this is beaaauuutttiifffuuullllly decorated!! I love ur blog.. it funner than before. I envy you for such talented person you really are.
    Dont worry, everything would be okay, i am not the person to say this, but i am here to help you. U can ask me too. Hehe..keep in touch ya?

  4. Thanks thanks thanks for the compliments! Follow your heart and you can do everything in this world! :DD

    Oh, regarding the internship, I hope everything will be alright as you've said. I'm just soooo skeptical and afraid to go to KL right now. The time is about to come! I hope I can survive well there. Thanks for your support Akmal :')


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