Natural colours everywhere!

June 14, 2012

We went to the floral nursery this evening, right after enjoying a nice nasi minyak at the by-the-road stall nearby the post office we went to initially. Here are the pictures taken at the nursery which I have done a little tweaking onto them using a number of adjusted Photoshop Actions:

Oh no, don't! I want to hibernate now :3

A type of chilli. My mum said it wasn't spicy though

Wait, I know this! Petunias!

All images were taken via SE W890i + mini detachable macro lens. I honesty don't know almost all of these flowers' name 'cause I was too busy taking pictures to care to ask the uncle hahaha. However, it was good to unwind your sights with these colourful nature once in a while :)

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  1. beautifully captured!

    love it. detachable macro? yang macam fish eye lens yang boleh pakai kat phone tu ke? interesting!

  2. Thanks :')

    Yup yang macam fisheye tu. Tapi ni versi wide + macro lens. Agak cerewet & lambat nak amik gambar sebab kena buka wide lens tu dulu baru boleh guna yang macro tu. Tapi tetap ku gigihkan jugak sebab tengok bunga-bunga cantik menawan ni hihi


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