Channeling Negativity

July 05, 2011

Woah, I keep on groaning and yelling at myself for doing nothing during this I-hate-you-so-much long holidays. At the end of the day, I would blame myself, "What you wanna do with your little life, while everyone else in this world is struggling to achieve their dreams? Don't you have something to accomplish?". And for worse, I even try pulling myself away from thinking about the fast-moving world, I mean, by keeping myself a distance away from the Internet, news, TV, and others. "Maybe I'm destined to be like this". Sob sob sob. Pitiful person, am I? After shutting down myself from the world, I try to relate myself with anything that I have achieved before, and then I will laugh at myself, "Is this the best that you can do, huh?". Well, as the negativity keeps increasing upon me, I try to distract myself away from it. Here are some of the ways that I've tried doing (even though the success chance is always below 20%, except for the coffee and the RPG and the Enya's part):

1. Playing RPG games
This is the best method so far, as it will always gonna keep my adrenalin running at its optimum level. I like it very much when I have to defeat a very powerful monster, even though I have to restart the game all over again. Haha. I hate losing, but through RPG games, I got to explore new things in the virtual world, improving my skills, facing varieties of adventures, and you now what, every time you kill a monster, you will gain some golds. From that, you could buy yourself a new garment and weapons. How cool is that? I wish it was like that in the real world. Then my life will be more fun. Ha. I'm now tying to master Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy, the latest RPG game from Amaranth Games. It's a simple, but a challenging game. I have mastered the previous chapter, which is "Aveyond: The Lost Orb".

Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy

2. Eating
Seriously, this is a very good therapy for me. The smell and the taste of a good, delicious meal is capable of stimulating my brain, as well as my happy hormone (I don't remember the scientific term of it). I fancy eating spicy foods, and sweating while eating a spicy meal is the best moment for me. What a thrill. It's also a challenge for me, see whether I can finish the meal or not (by which most of the time I can hehe). The most important thing in my daily life is a cup of coffee (can be replaced with a bar of chocolate as well, but, erm, on my second thought, maybe not, maybe a cup of coffee and a few bar of chocolate will do hehe). I can't describe the feeling after drinking coffee. It's a very special sensation that I will not gonna get elsewhere. Furthermore, I can keep my brain running at a very high pace, as a result of high level of caffeine in my brain. Anyway, kudos to whoever invented that drug. 

3. Listening to Enya
Her songs are very soothing! The lyrics are thoughtful and mysterious as well. I'm never tired of listening to her songs. I admit, that I am huge fan of her. Every time I listened to her, I will get my goosebumps. Easily impressed by her, I would say. Enya is an Irish singer, and she never got married. I wonder why. My favourite song from her collection is "Caribbean Blue" (actually I can't decide which one because I like them all haha). Some of the words in the songs are unintelligible to me, as they are from Irish and Latin languages. So, listening to her songs make me wanna do some research about those words. And hey, from that I can forget about my boredom for a while :).


4. Blogging
Err, I think it's a good habit to write something in a blog, but then I hate to type something very long (as what I'm doing right now), because I got to correct all the typo errors. Writing blog is fun sometimes, as you can transfer all the negative thinking in your mind by writing them. This is the same like if you wanna boost your confidence level. When you are nervous, try writing all those things in your mind, and then you will feel better after that. However, for me, it will only lasts a few hours, and then after that, negative thinking will flood my mind again.Uh oh.

Yeah, right.

So, these are all the stuffs I love to do in order to channel negativity out of my soul. How about you guys? Are you the same as me?

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