September 25, 2011

I have decided to write tonight. Not that I was urged by certain people to do so (they did successfully influenced me at certain extents), but then I think if I keep on being lazy to write, I'm afraid I might lose my interest in writing, forever. It's now or never. Not writing for more than two weeks doesn't mean I'm being dormant in this cyber world. My blog reading habit still remains intact (kudos to my blogger-mates, they wrote such great posts I never get bored to read!). Sometimes I wondered maybe they enjoyed blogging more than I do, by which I'm so proud of them to have such long-lasting interest span :)

Just to let you know, the new semester has started for three weeks now, yet I'm still in the honeymoon mood. Hehe. Sorry dear lecturers and friends, if I ever bored you in any way during the whole time I spent in the class. As usual, I'm starting to receive the "Scroll of Madness", from the superior ones. Urgh, inescapable. Same routines will come and go. The total full stop is when the last paper of the last subject is being handed to the invigilator. The feeling to face the busy, restless student life, again, is like you are out of the food heaven and then suddenly you have to enter the fat factory. Oh, no, no, it is unarguably does make sense. Believe me.

I've got to go now, but before that, I want dedicate this to all people who inspired me. Enjoice!

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