Persuasive Nescafé

September 29, 2011

How do you guys feel whenever you watch this short clip? For me, it is inspiring enough (especially the background music, the jazzy rhythm is very soulful). In fact, Nescafé is one of the powerful brands which successfully persuaded me this whole time, and shapes my thinking, at least for some goods, outsmarting "viruses" in my mind. Hehe.
Mr. Jamil: Name a toiletry brand you are using. Quick, quick, name me one.
Us: Shokubutsu!
Mr. Jamil: Then Shokubutsu already "had" you. We are all being "had". We are all being persuaded.
All right Sir, then I am already being "had" by Nescafé. What contributes to Nescafé's triumph in persuading me? Was it the ads on the TV? I'll take that as the first point. If you observe the video closely, you will get the message - a cup of Nescafé in the early morning will make your day. It's obvious ya know. If you have noticed, the background music used in the video was a song "Lovely Day", sang by the lovely voice of a talented Malaysian singer, Yuna (the original singer is Bill Withers). Let's observe the song lyrics:
When I wake up in the morning light, The sun is at my eyes, Then I look at you, And I know Lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day (2X)
Make Nescafé, make the moment.
Brighten up by Nescafé.
Simple ads, simple song, simple messages, but the meaning behind it, is huge! The ads is actually trying to portray the good side of consuming Nescafé in the early morning  (which I already explained above), and the pictures used in the video is alluring (especially to a lomography maniac like me). So these are the things that persuaded me to consume Nescafé.
Nescafé ads in UK
I never thought of something like this before I started consuming Nescafé. I mean, I didn't really think that coffee could lift up my gloomy morning. It is actually relies on yourself, the way your perceive the day is totally up to you, and not being controlled by some sort of food or drinks. It's like the placebo-effect - if your mind tells you that you are happy, then you will be happy, that's the power of mind. But then people around me kept telling me (through ads, radios, printed media) that, "Hey let's start the day with coffee, it has caffeine in it, it can boost your adrenaline, lift up your mood, and yada yada....". So then I thought, "Oh so that's the way it goes!", then after frequent exposure to these messages, especially through ads on TV, I began to believe what they said. Slowly, every day, I began to adapt the goodness of coffee (Nescafé) in my mind, adjusting it with my physical and emotional needs. I began to believe that the reason I was so sleepy during the morning class was because I haven't had my Nescafé yet. So when the class ended, I went straight to the café, got myself a glass of Nescafé, and poof! I'm not sleepy anymore, becoming quick-witted, motivated and such.
Why this happened? Simple. Our brain is unique. We see and hear many things every single day in our life. Sometimes our brain tends to get confused between the inferences and the real thoughts in the context, as well as what is "true" and what is being "perceived", because we are relating things we saw and heard with our life experiences, thus making our belief on the inferences becoming more powerful than the truth.
Our brain is unique
However, despite of me being persuaded by Nescafé, I'm aware about it all the times. I'm always keep on telling myself to completely stop the Nescafé drinking habit, but I'm incapable of doing so. All I could ever do is to reduce the intake, because despite of the goods, there are also some bad effects of it. For example, after the intake, my heart begins to beat unstoppably like a racing car, which difficults me to sleep; and a forbidden assumption of Nescafé for quite some times will make me feel depressed.
As for the conclusion, we should be aware of the persuasive things around us, in order for us to keep our conscientiousness about whatever things we are consuming throughout our daily life :)

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