Human, we are grasses!

November 02, 2010

We are Grasses,
We were all made by God,
We grew from a small kid to a respected adult,
We love our parents, and Grasses love their soil.

We are Grasses,
We both need water and foods,
We need technology, Grasses need biodiversity,
We need homes, and Grasses need their sky.
We are Grasses,
Grasses come in many types;
We come from a variety of backgrounds;
Grasses are everywhere;
In the center of the north pole and in the middle of the equator,
We are everywhere;
At Arctic, Antarctic, America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, and Middle East. 

Grasses influenced cave mans to become farmers rather then hunters,
We motivates others to become better persons,
Together we stand, 
Among peace and harmony,
Just like Grasses.

We are Grasses,
We both shared the same Earth,
We both shared the same oxygen,
In the end of the day, we will both decay,
We make no difference with Grasses,
But why can't we be humble like Grasses?

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