Dear Friend I’ve Never Met (The Facebook Poem)

November 02, 2010

Once upon a time 
in the social network race 
you and I met 
in Cyberspace.

Divided by lines: 
longitude, latitude;
we've typed and texted
tears, gratitude.
Now we're closer than neighbors;
in tune like a song.
(and your dog never leaves
doodoo on my lawn.)

Some say it's not real.
How can it be?
How can you trust
what you can't see?

But you sense when I'm down.
This is holy. Sublime.
(Alright, not exactly.
But it makes a good rhyme.)

You've read me at my worst.
You've read me at my best.
You've loved me all the same;
forgiven typos, and the rest.

You're a microbyte of madness,
and sunshine, and fresh air.
(And faster than FedEx,
so I know you really care.)

I know you'll reply
whenever I hit "send."
I know this is real—
you're my Forever-friend. 
- Heather Grace Stewart, 2010

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