You are now entering Stage Four

January 02, 2011

Level: Sophomore ★★★★
Difficulty: Intermediate
Time Elapsed: Four spins of the Chrysanthemum Sundial.
  • Master the tutorials before entering any dungeon.
  • Obtain all the quests from the wizards.
  • Build respectable reputation and gathering allies.
  • Vanish foes (Mana might depletes. To replenish Mana, collect all the magical elements)
  • Find all the special items for each dungeon (A bull's horn from the Fabiko's Scholar, Azzezika's Invisible Robe, Mayheni's Symbol of Optimistic, The Chronicle of Eey Ch (A Guide to Spoken Speech), Naizhry's Book of Forbidden Rules of Madness and Lingo, Bat of the Minton Mountain and Lights of the Purest Eternal Eden.
  • Face Lords of the Paper probably in the morning, on the evening and during the night.
  • Get out of the final dungeon (Dungeon of Mind Absorber) alive.
Required Skills
  • Speaking
  • Thinking
  • Reading
  • Dreaming
  • Computing
  • Praying
You are required to fulfill all the objectives to enter Stage Five (Junior ★★★★★).

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