Things in my room

January 13, 2016


Hahahahahaha, ehem it feels so awkward to write here after so long of an abandonment. Congrats to myself for being an all-star procrastinator.

2016...that makes this blog seven years old now. Can you believe it? If it's a human it'll be in Standard 1, trying to learn and understand who are people, what they're doing, why and how they acted in such ways. It'll learn to read too. That's a great start in life. Reading opens one's mind to endless ideas.

I can't remember how I feel and acted when I was in Standard 1. I hope I wasn't the one with ponytail hair and refuse to talk to anyone sitting next to me. 


Last night I sat in the room alone listening to some music. I was changing lens and as I held the camera on my hand, I began to observe things in the room and captured them. Here are the photos:

My room-mate is a nurse in HKL, so some of the things in the photos belong to her - purple bedding, pink ironing board cover, white uniform, plush toy, frog clothespin. She's from Pahang. Dec last year marks the third year of her service. Often she would tell me about her patients and their health conditions and deaths, in between I would ask her the meanings of certain medical abbreviations she uttered. Will tell more on this in my next post.

I won't promise myself to write regularly this year because truthfully I'm bad at keeping promises. But let's see how can I make some good changes on the habit.

Ok, I guess that's all for now.

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