When the burden is lifted

January 11, 2012

Finally we are done with the final exam! I can't help but to feel just a slight of happiness due to hours of starvation and lack of night sleep :/. Not that I'm a last-minute study maniac whatsoever, or a psychotic dieter, the caffeine from Ali Cafe White Coffee did its job quite well on my biological system, and yes, I was running out of food to keep me occupied the entire night T__T

Thanks dear, thanks for forcing me to read all those bloody boring notes

Note that filling a generous amount of 30-cent marshmallows into the hot boiling white coffee did not do me any good. Those marshmallow were plain (not sweet-smelling one), caught on an unfavourable expansion in size, and became mushy :(. I think it'll turn out better if I bought a high-quality (and pricy) marshmallows.


So how did the final exam went about? What can I say, except for they were BORING and TIRING (as always), and now I'm glad the suffer is over :D. I have planned so many things to do during the semester holiday, and I have to force myself upon sticking to them. I have to stick to them, seriously. If not I will experience problems on the upcoming semester. Ya Allah, may you lead my way with your guidance Insya Allah :)

Ok now I'm feeling terriblyyy lazy to type anything more, so I guess it is a perfect time to doze off for some hours, wake up, and finish all those foods I bought from the cafe (fact says if we experience a lack of sleep, our body will demand for more food (energy) to stuff our big belly so yeah blame the mouth-watering food HAHA).

Till then, have a pleasant evening everyone! :)

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