Extremely busy!

December 17, 2011

Assalam and good evening everyone! 

So how are you doing peeps? Well? Alhamdulillah :). Mine is the other way around. Too much pressure and workloads for the past 2 weeks. Time constraint adds even more to the self-suffering. This is a usual scenario happening to university students when the final exam is around the corner (2 weeks more to go, can you believe it?!).

Lecturers begin to wrap up their teaching activities, making all presentations, tests and quizzes to be done as fast as they can. If I could have prepared myself for the worst of time (by means of finishing my assignments earlier, providing better attention span during lecture hours, reading all those bulky notes since the beginning of the semester), only then I could use the remaining days of the semester enjoying myself watching those movies and doing a little bit of blogging!  :/

Countless books come and go, but how much knowledge I have gained from them? :'(

This keeps me alive!

Doing assignments is terribly boring, thus I tweaked my Winamp

Everyday is a presentation day

Now, even the slightest regret doesn't mean anything. All I could ever do is struggle in the mud till the end. Allah, may you provide me the strength and confidence, since I seems to be lacking in those nowadays -___-

Drinking green tea is a great way to reduce your stress :D

I was bored during lecture, thus...

However, alhamdulillah, my health condition is nonetheless at its best condition during this moment thus providing me the will I am longing for in order for me to go through the hardship. I hope the same thing goes to you to my friends! :D

Till then, thanks for reading :)

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