October 10, 2011

I keep on thinking why I'm living such a depressed and boring life, without knowing the fact that I'm actually blessed. Blessed, because occasionally, throughout my life, I've been surrounded by ever-so talented people around me. My mum, she is an enthusiastic business woman. Even though making curry-puffs is the only thing she is skillful at doing, she put her 100% passion at it. She always put this smile of satisfaction on her tired, wrinkly face, that I always cherish whenever I am looking at one of those.

I have this friend, a blooming singer and guitarist, who is very keen on making her own art and never get tired of doing what she does best, every night and day. Behind her, I could see this shining, sparkling shadow of joy and triumph, a bright future she is heading to. The unseen confidence she is hiding inside herself - she need to have a stronger faith of her own, unique talent. If I can see it, why can't she? 

Every cloud has a silver lining

There is a guy, a potential photographer, who always has this very straight-forward, clear, serious visions in his life, which he is slowly able full-fill them one by one each day. Before this, he is just a casual photographer, only using a common gadget of RM500 or so to capture the best moments of his life. During this period, he always admire people who are better than him (in terms of gadgets and skills), but behind this admiration, he is determined to be one of them. And just so you know, recently he bought himself a DSLR worth RM3200. He did this by saving his salary for 5 months - he is a part-time tuition teacher. Could you imagine how on earth did he do that? Oh, what a satisfactory, victorious achievement! I was there all along this process, seeing his enthusiastic, shiny eyes; hearing those determined, eager voice of him whenever he talked about photography. I'm so proud of him. May he becomes a successful photographer in the near future :)

Another friend of mine, a writer, is full of thoughts and wisdoms in her life (well, sometimes she acted weird and blurry haha). People might think she is one of those nerds, the nobody, but people don't know, behind her baggy Pashmina (her favourite style of wearing the hijab nowadays) lies a successful writer, having her book sold all over those book-stores in town. Then there is also another guy of a skinny, bony figure, and with a glance, people might think he is a drug-addict or a drug-dealer something like that; but the truth is, he owns a printing shop by which he worked real hard for a few, struggling months for his dream to come true. How amazing they are, aren't they?

These people, they might not be as brilliant as Einstein, but they do something they are really good at, and they do this with continuous hard work, determination and dedication. If in any way your life is surrounded by people like them, be thankful and proud of yourself, because through them, you have gained the will of living and surviving the hard life of yours, for they are always be there as your daily source of inspiration. You have a wonderful life which others out there are dying to have. I'm blessed, same goes to you. Alhamdulillah :D

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