Free Netbook

March 18, 2011

Recently, my 11 years-old brother obtained a free netbook from the Terengganu Government. Indeed, every Standard 5 pupils will receive a netbook from the government as an initiative way to expose the young generation to the ICT knowledge. 

3 days before he was able to grab his hand on that thing, he and my mum need to go for a quick briefing on the netbook usage. "If we were to give every child RM1,000 for him to buy the netbook by himself, of course he would use the money to buy something else. His parents might use the money for their own benefit as well", the ADUN said. 

"You see, during the old time, when I was young, I have never imagined of having a computer by my own. The only thing that I did to fill my spare time was to help my parents at the paddy field. That's why I never gained my height until today", he added jokingly. Yes, in fact, it is true that pupils nowadays (especially Terengganuian) are very lucky to be given a free netbook. 

With all the jealousy, I hope that one that I will be given a free netbook also. Hehe! :)

My brother, with his cunning yeay-I-got-a-free-netbook-boo-you smile *sigh*

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