January 01, 2017

From what I've observed, New Year is technically a brief moment of celebration - the firecrackers with everyone sending their hopes up the sky and making reflections of things done and undone. Despite the to-do-lists and companies driving traffic to their websites in efforts to increase their planner book sales, I believe each and every one of us would all be silently wishing the year comes will be a better one compared to before. After all the confetti and bangs, we'll return to our state of normalcy where we'll resume the same cycle of life and by the time comes, it's the new year again.

I've stopped wishing and hoping the future is better because over the years I realised that what matters is the now. I couldn't be more thankful for the present. I don't think much of what will happen next since I've come to see myself as a non-planning person. I take what the tide offers me. It's easier to say that I just follow my inner voice (with the brain justifying things of course) in whatever decisions I'm going to take next. Be it a good one, or a bad one, there shall be something I could learn out of it. In fact, really, that's how life works.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the new year stuffs i.e. resolutions, wishes, greetings, etc. I like the free holiday. Here I'm wishing all the best to everyone in whatever things you do.

On another note, I'll be 27 years old this year. Yeah. But someone used to tell me that time is just a concept. I've seen films talking about this too so that kinda firm it up. Hence I would like to conclude that I'm 27 y/o person with the heart of a 9 y/o kid.

Hahahahaha. (<--- see)

Ok, so here's the summary of my 2016 represented in a photo:

Sorry, not really a summary. I just like this photo I took in April 2015 (just found it in my archive buried among tonnes of other photos that never make it to the Internet because I'm just too lazy to upload them).


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