Non-accidental quote by Hemingway

November 29, 2014

Reading this quote had consumed my 8-minutes train ride to work a few days ago. Liked it so much I had to put it into this pic I took earlier yesterday. 

Those words, they send the chills to the bone. 

Often people are afraid to incorporate their soul into the vessel and live as what they are made, feel of what they want to and say of what they thought of because breaching the gap is considered as a weakness. Pride, ego, and the compulsory need to save face that the society, or we, have set and lived in for the longest of time is eating us bit by bit, day by day, just like a cancer. In the end, we are left with emptiness.

As the soul and vessel detach further from each other, we are no longer equipped with empathy and humanity. We are thirsty, suffocated. We are alone. It's a routined life. We have lost the ability to stand for our rights, to notice of what are happening in our surrounding and to a live a life full of challenges that we could look back and smile at later on. Finally, we will resort to things, and of course, money. We think we have it all, but actually...we are dead.

Vulnerability - it makes us feel human. We have to embrace it as an alive and life-long trait because imperfection is what we are. We are often and always be wounded, and sometimes destroyed, as Hemingway put it up nicely up there. At the event of us reaching our most vulnerable state of being wounded and destroyed, we realised that we are desperate for a help. We are no longer holding back our tears, we begin seeking for help, we prostrate to the Supreme Being, our egos and pride subsided. Realising that we are actually very, very weak and fragile, the emotions burst in and we can feel that our heart is running. Gratefulness, thankfulness, inspiration, energy, peace and care fill our heart - and finally, we are complete again. 

The cycle of human life.

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