Random Eid 2014 Photos

August 11, 2014

Salam 'alaik all. 

"Anugerah Syawal" (read: the "Gift of Syawal"). 

Why Shawal is an "anugerah"? Because we all Muslims with Allah's bless of vitality managed to complete yet another course of our 3rd Rukun Islam: Fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadhan, of which contains the yearly awaited night, "Lailal-ul Qadr" (means "the Night of Decree", read more of it here). 

And yes, Syawal is celebrated with mixed feelings of sadness due to the end Ramadhan and the joy of completing the obligation. Whichever the feelings were, I embraced each moments when I was home, gathering, collecting, capturing all the memories and being all-there. For that, I'm really thankful (we are talking about 9 days holidays here, peeps!)

I think I must be really insane if such long holiday came without a single photo. I took a lot, I mean A LOT of them. While waiting for my film photos being developed and printed from the photo shop, here are some of the photos taken on my Xperia SP:

*Plays To Build A Home*

(From clockwise)
1. Malam raya without some pelita would be so mainstream, so we bought ourselves some!
2. My cousin brought some firecrackers, and I did a nerd dance with them (proof is in the iPad).
3. Me and my bro.
4. We couldn't stand smiling, and laughed instead.

5. The only decent family photo we had.
6. Fuad and Imran (wearing kopiah).
8. Masjid Kayu at Kampung Seberang Jerteh, Besut. We were here to visit my grandparents and aunties (mum's side).

9. Motif??
10. Nyan cat alert!
11. Mum and Imran.
12. Electric leaves.

13. Happy kid got happy smile!
14. My grandma's (dad's side) vintage clothing, I even thought of stealing some.
15. A retro print on the cushion fabric.
16. Rare childhood drink. Halal ok, made in Kelantan summore.

17, 18, 19, 20. Random floral pics.

21. Pretty pink tiles.
22. 7 for 6 cherries.
23. Vintage pump station, me think. Wouldn't hurt to stop the car and snap one while my mum and brothers laughed hysterically as one of them took a photo of my butt-photographer pose ;_____;
24. Brothers and our uncle (dad's side).

25. Silly kids in their little jungle.
26. Silly kids and their sister.
27 & 28. As a working person, I did the honour to belanja them all the ICT (ikan celup tepung). But our usual place was closed that day so we went to this stall instead.

29. Evening silhouette.
30. <3
32. Syukri and my camera. Later we'll see how well he did (actually I taught each of my brother how to use my Canon AE-1. I am freak like that)

33. My cousin and his smoking stuff.
34. I also did the honour to cook carbonara spaghetti for the night. I think I made the right decision.
35. Eat, eat, eat!
36. Midnight lawn spaghetti picnic. I mean, who would even do that?

37. My cousin, Umirah.
38. Smoked potatoes, whatever.
39. Crazy pelita kid.
40. US!

Officially missing home.

Original photos are taken by me in Terengganu and Kelantan using Sony Xperia SP.
Edited using Magic Hour (self-made filter + Clearly HD by UpUntilNow).

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