First Batch: Canon AE-1 - The Beginning

June 14, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello!

So I finally got to pick up my negatives from the photo shop. Actually went there a couple of times after work before but it always closes early, probably at 6 p.m. something - the perks of working from 9 to 6, you see.

3 weeks ago I bought a used Canon AE-1 + FD 50mm f1.8 lens + FD 100mm lens + 6 packs of 4LR44 battery from a user at a great bargain price of RM400. One of the best purchases I ever did in my entire life.

This is actually my first time shooting with film camera and I got to say, I'm happy with the result. From what I know, usually the first roll of film will go to waste as the photographer is still adapting to using the film camera. But being a nerd, I did my research and carefully read the manuals as well as watching a lot of YouTube vids especially on how to load and unload the film correctly (these parts are little tricky, one wrong move and you might ruin the film). For a beginner like me, using a film camera if pretty baffling because I need to understand everything on types of film, aperture, film speed, metering, etc. as they are all fully manual. But with times, I think I will get the hang of them :)

These are some of the original shoots using Fujifilm Superia 200 film that I'm extremely happy with:

It's very satisfying to shoot with film camera. Will I shoot again? Ohhh yes, definitely! Next time I will:
  1. Try to shoot with 400 film speed
  2. Make sure I place the camera closer enough to my face to avoid shooting blurry photos
  3. Learn, shoot, learn, shoot, learn, shoot!

That's all for now folks. Let's #keepitalive!

Photos are taken around Kuala Lumpur.
Captured using Canon AE-1 + 50mm f1.8 lens + Fujifilm Superia 200.

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