Life for granted

February 17, 2014

I was flipping through the photos in my (old) phone and saw a photo of my grandma I took about two weeks ago. It reminded of me of the thing she said the other day.

Maso kakak umur seminggu, kakak lemas dale besen maso nenek mandi ke kakak. Nenek cepat-cepat gi spital takut de jadi gapo-gapo. Dok de paka tudung gapo, maso tu de paka kain batik, baju sehe skalo jah. Sapa ko hari ni nenek ingat go ni. Mujur Allah bagi selamat.

Ok, my skill of writing a Kelantanese dialect speech (and speaking one) apparently sucks big time ;__;

Basically, every time we were to talk about the old times, she would retell me of the story over and over again. I always find it awkward to react to her story as she was telling it by looking deep into my eyes, as if it was something horrible she could not get over it forever. So I would just keep quite and listen to her and nodded.

But at the same time, I did imagine that I could have died that day and what would happen if I did:
  1. My parents would be sad.
  2. Nenek would be sad and she would never forgive herself.
  3. Nenek would not have the chance to name me (Nurul Wahida - that was Nenek's idea).
  4. My brother, Fuad, will be the eldest in the family. Or not.
  5. Et cetera.
However, I did not die.

I guess her story reminds me that I have escaped death twice. Escaped the second one 11 years later.

Up to the present day I could not unravel the mystery behind these occurrences but one thing I'm sure of, everything happens for a reason. I can't possibly find any word or action equally adequate to say how thankful I am for Allah has given me the third chance to live on His earth. He must have meant serious business here, as a disdained, lowly creation of Him who's still struggling to keep her heart so close to Him, I certainly did not deserve such a chance. And what's more, my flaws and weaknesses sometimes stray me away from Him and made me forget how fortunate of me to be alive today, to still have the time to correct myself and do all the good deeds that He deserve, while the time lasts.

Everyday is a new leaf and time is money. Get up and work towards the betterment. Let's be well-equipped for the Eternity.

May Allah accept.

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