March 14, 2013

I made this poster a year ago for Pak Jamil's Language of Persuasion subject.


This poster has a ridiculous story to be told behind its making: I was having a hard time thinking how would I attract an ant into eating something as I need to capture it doing what it does best. As idiotic as it may sound, I put some rice on a dish because I thought perhaps some ants would circle around the rice and try to lift it...or eat it. In fact, I was relating to some things I learned from matriculation - that white rice has carbs which will be broken down into simple sugar (monosaccharides? sorry rusty chemistry). I mean why wouldn't ants be attracted to sugar? I waited for 2 hours, yet not even an ant came across the dish. I was losing my patience and ranted to my mum about this. She said if she was me, she would have used sugar instead of rice. I was stunned by her statement because I never thought to do so! Realizing what a complete moron I was, I quickly replaced the rice with some drops of sugar, REAL SUGAR, at least, visible to naked eyes. Within 5 minutes later, ants came flooding the area and the photo was successfully captured.

I don't intend to fill this page with another moronic stuffs I did so let's just get to the point: we as human beings shall be grateful for every things in our life, as simple as not to waste food. Food is a rezeki (gifts from Allah The Merciful) to us, thus by any means of wasting them, we are actually showing the act of ungratefulness, as some people out there are dying to get a plate of rice, or even a piece of bread, just to keep them alive for the day. My cousin, a cabin crew, once told me he has seen a mother with her child trying to sell some bananas on an old sampan somewhere in India, sacrificing her life just so she would be able to feed her child a proper meal. While at the shipyard, a group of homeless Indians scavenging their trashes in the ship, found a tin of rotten biscuits and gobble them hungrily.

And then I remember Sanji who would never waste any food because he used to starve to death when he was a child. He used to have a bag full of golds with him that time, but since he was on a island in the vast ocean, he couldn't use those golds to buy a food, and he nearly died of malnutrition.

And then I remember I don't know what will become of me in the hereafter as I'll be questioned upon every pieces of food I've wasted. Allahu a'lam.

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