Songs ❤

April 19, 2011

I believed that everyone does have his/her own songs, that reminded him/her about something that sometimes even words cannot say. Certain memories in our life, need some sentimental elements to trigger them in our brain memory.
I remembered the first day my dad bought us a desktop computer, I kept playing "Biar Putih Tulang" track, sang by a Malay band called "Dinamik", because that was the only song in the computer. I hated it, but kept playing it, till I'm tired of listening to it (until now). When I was in my secondary school period (when I had this identity crisis problem), most of the time I listened to Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, and Creed tracks. Yeah, I still listen to them now :). "Addicted" by Simple Plan, "In My Place" by Coldplay, Keane's, every one of them pulled back my childhood memories and all of our journeys in the car. Sab, my matriculation mate, introduced me to "Hands Down" sang by Dashboard Confessional, and that song played like an old Gramophone in my brain everytime I missed my college life. 

However, the fact was that, it was not the song that soothed my heart, it was the person who coloured my life, who never erase all those sweet memories. Songs are just tools that linked the emotions and the memories. 

Love and appreciate everyone in your life, seriously, 
before it is too late.

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